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Round 1
Werdum comes flying across the cage and leaps at Browne with a kick but doesn’t connect. The Brazilian’s first takedown attempt is a shot from a mile away, easily stuffed by Browne. Werdum tries a wild somersault kick, lands on his back and grabs for Browne’s legs, but “Hapa” isn’t having it. Browne comes away from the next exchange pointing at his right glove, but referee Gary Copeland doesn’t get between the fighters quickly enough and Werdum charges in to land a punch. The doctor comes in to check on Browne and what looks to be a hand injury; after a brief consultation, referee Copeland allows the fight to continue. Werdum cracks Browne with a right hand on the jaw and clinches up behind it, jamming the taller man against the cage to land some short punches. Browne breaks loose and denies Werdum again as the BJJ black belt grabs for his legs. Browne comes over the top with a left hand as they enter the final two minutes of round one. Werdum is leaving his kicks out there for Browne to grab, perhaps trying to bait the American down to the ground. Instead, it’s a straight right hand that turns Browne’s head and sends him to the canvas. Werdum pounces and tries to pound out his wounded opponent as the final minute ticks down. Werdum hops on the kneeling Browne’s back and gets his left arm across the face. Browne fights off the face crack/rear-naked choke attempt, so Werdum spends the final moments of the round dropping punches instead.

Round 2
Werdum tries to lure Browne to the ground with some more wild kicks, falling to the mat after each attempt but never convincing “Hapa” to join him. Back on the feet, Browne is throwing only with his left hand, having apparently injured his right during round one. Werdum stays on his back foot, waiting for Browne to throw, which leads to a stalemate at the midway point of the round. Werdum gets through with a few solid kicks to the body, while Browne continues to search for a home for his punches against his evasive opponent. Werdum is pawing at his eye in the final minute, having apparently taken a poke, but nothing comes of it.

Round 3
After a slow opening minute, Werdum gets to work with three or four solid kicks to the inside and outside of Browne’s lead leg. Browne continues to flick out his left-handed jab, keeping his right hand cocked but rarely letting it fly. Werdum grabs for a single-leg and is shoved away by “Hapa.” The Brazilian keeps Browne at bay with push kicks to the chest and stomach, though it hardly seems to matter as Browne isn’t letting go with much offense at this point. Browne narrowly misses on a high kick, denies a Thai clinch attempt from Werdum and pumps his jab again. Browne finally connects with a right hand to the body and takes a deep breath. Werdum lunges at Browne with a scissor takedown attempt but can’t get him to the ground. Browne comes forward swinging in the final 20 seconds, but Werdum just lands a body kick and then backs out of harm’s way again.

The Official Result
Fabricio Werdum def. Travis Browne via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-27, 29-28) R3 5:00