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UFC FN 95: Roy Nelson vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva fight video

Round 1
Silva lands an early kick to the body and then circles to his right around the edge of the cage, while Nelson follows from the center. “Bigfoot” comes out to the middle and nearly chops out Nelson’s lead leg with a low kick. Nelson steps in to throw a punch and gets cut off by Silva with a step knee to the gut. Halfway through the round, the heavyweights continue their cautious circling. Silva looks to hit Nelson with knees to the body, followed by power punches, while Nelson continues to load up his big right hand. Nelson tries a single-leg takedown, forcing Silva to turn his back in an attempt to escape. Nelson stays with his opponent, switching to a rear waistlock and running the big man against the fence. Silva turns around to face Nelson, who remains clung tight to the Brazilian’s upper body in the slow-going final minute of the round.

Round 2
Silva opens with a leg kick and then catches the off-balance Nelson with a pair of follow-up punches. Nelson presses toward “Bigfoot,” who connects with a kick to the body. Referee John McCarthy warns Silva for leaving his lead hand outstretched with open fingers as Nelson pushes toward him. Nelson catches Silva with a short right hand as the Brazilian throws a kick. Bigfoot’s next kick lands right on Nelson’s groin, and referee McCarthy pauses the fight momentarily. Nelson recovers and they’re back to business with three minutes remaining. Silva tries to take advantage by blitzing Nelson on the restart, but Nelson uses underhooks to slow the attack and clinch with Silva on the fence. Silva covers up as Nelson tries an overhand left-right uppercut combination, blocking both punches. Silva tries a step-in knee and gets his head snapped back by a straight right hand over the top. Down to the last minute of round two, Nelson catches Silva throwing a low kick and blasts him with a counter uppercut. Silva drops to his back and Nelson stands over him, knocking him unconscious with four or five follow-up shots. Referee McCarthy is late on the stoppage, and Nelson shows his frustration by kicking the official in the posterior after the bell.

The Official Result
Roy Nelson def. Antonio Silva via KO (Punches) R2 4:10