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Alex Oliveira vs Will Brooks

UFC FN 96: Alex Oliveira vs Will Brooks fight video!

Round 1
Oliveira backs up Brooks with an overhand right; Brooks changes levels to shoot for a takedown, but the Brazilian underhooks his arms and stands him up against the fence. Now it’s Oliveira digging for a high single-leg against the fence, but he’s getting nowhere with his takedown attempt against the experienced wrestler. Brooks balances on one leg as Oliveira tries to lift and slam. Oliveira always is his head underneath Brooks’ chin to make things uncomfortable as they grapple on the wall. Brooks shoots a sharp knee to Oliveira’s body and then spins him around. Brooks drops for a double, stands and lifts Oliveira into the air before dumping him to the canvas near the fence. The larger Oliveira posts and climbs back to his feet, where he turns Brooks’ back to the fence once again. Brooks uses a bodylock to trip Oliveira to the floor but can’t keep him there. Brooks scores another takedown late in the round but can’t do much with it as Oliveira catches him in a guillotine.

Round 2
Brooks latches on to an early single-leg attempt, drags Oliveira to the canvas and steps over to full mount, still inside the opening minute of the round. “Ill Will” slows down once he gets mount, taking his time to flatten out Oliveira and then posturing up with a can opener. Oliveira rolls over, giving up his back, and then stands with Brooks attached to him, both hooks in. Brooks fishes for a rear-naked choke, can’t get it and instead throws punches, but he soon slips off Oliveira’s back. Oliveira whips around, pushes Brooks to the fence and double-legs him to the ground, but Brooks is back on his feet within 10 seconds. Oliveira holds his opponent against the cage, drops for another double and plants Brooks on his posterior inside the two-minute mark. Brooks works his way back up with a minute remaining, turns the corner and suplexes Oliveira to the ground. Oliveira stands up and Brooks hops on his back, but again Brooks is unable to catch a choke before he slides off. Brooks finishes the round working for a takedown while Oliveira defends, driving elbows to the American’s body.

Round 3
Oliveira catches Brooks throwing a kick and knocks the off-balance American to the floor with a well-timed right hand. Brooks stands up, only to be muscled against and taken down by an unorthodox Oliveira single-leg. “Cowboy” lands in half guard on Brooks’ right side, but Brooks is able to elevate and push back to his feet. Oliveira keeps his enemy close, hugging Brooks against the cage once more to deliver a knee to the body. Oliveira is latched on to another single, can’t quite spin Brooks to the ground this time. The Brazilian switches to a double and finds immediate success, putting Brooks flat on his back with roughly half the round remaining. Oliveira is working right in front of his corner now, pressuring Brooks from half guard. Oliveira sits up and starts landing left hands; they don’t look like much at first, but after four or five strikes land, Brooks goes limp. Referee Herb Dean steps in for the sudden stoppage, while Oliveira climbs to his feet and offers some unkind words to his fallen opponent. Brooks gets up from his daze and tries to come after Oliveira, throwing his mouthguard at the Brazilian; fortunately, referee Dean holds back Brooks, and the altercation goes no further.

The Official Result
Alex Oliveira def. Will Brooks via KO (Punches) R3 3:30