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PHIL DAVIS vs LIAM McGEARY fight video - Bellator 163

Round 1
McGeary takes the center of the cage and throws a push kick to begin the action. Davis throws a low kick while McGeary probes with his jab. Davis closes the distance and locks up with the champ, but McGeary shoves him away. Davis tries for another takedown and eats a knee to the body. Davis tags McGeary with a left hand and McGeary responds by tying up. McGeary marches forward carelessly with punches and Davis gets him down with ease. “Mr. Wonderful” has full mount near the fence. Davis lands left hands and knees to the body from the wrestling ride position. McGeary fires an elbow back in Davis’ direction but misses. Davis moves to McGeary’s back but the Brit somehow rolls out of danger and dodges a left hand from his opponent as they resume standing. McGeary goes back to work with his jab with less than a minute to go. Davis pushes McGeary against the fence briefly but the combatants separate. Davis falls on a kick as the round expires. 10-9 Davis

Round 2
Davis throws a low kick and McGeary counters with a jab. Davis alternates an outside low kick followed by an inside low kick and is warned by John McCarthy for going too low. Both fighters trade kicks to the body. McGeary lands a lead hook and then they trade leg kicks. They tie up in the center of the cage and Davis powers his foe down near the fence. McGeary’s guard is active as Davis attempts to pass guard. Davis finally steps into full mount with a little more than two minutes to go. Davis creates space to land some short elbows from above, then later lands some punches to the face. McGeary pushes off the cage and shoves Davis away, allowing the British champ to get to his feet late in the round. McGeary marches forward as the round expires but isn’t able to land anything of note. 10-9 Davis

Round 3
McGeary counters Davis with a nice right hand. Davis fires off a rear kick to the body. Davis is mixing kicks and punches well before changing levels for a takedown. Davis picks McGeary up high and drops him. The champ is threatening with his guard almost as soon as he hits the canvas. Davis avoids any trouble and moves to full mount at about the 3:30 mark. Davis looks to trap McGeary’s arm for a kimura, which limits the Englishman’s chances for offense from his back. McGeary nearly uses his long legs to push Davis away, but “Mr. Wonderful” simply finds full mount once again, stepping into the position with relative ease. Davis moves from side control back to mount, staying just busy enough with punches, elbows and submission attempts. McGeary rolls for a kneebar but Davis avoid it with no issue. Davis stands and McGeary invites him back into his guard. McCarthy orders a standup late in the round and the horn sounds with both men standing. 10-9 Davis.

Round 4
McGeary probably needs a finish as the championship rounds begin. Davis blends low kicks with punches. McGeary lands a knee to the body as Davis shoots for a takedown. The American pushes through it and plants his foe on his back yet again. McGeary attempts to frame a triangle from his back but Davis slips out and moves to full mount. He peppers McGeary with short left hands from above. A cut has been opened on McGeary’s head, as Davis goes to work with more short elbows. Davis stays heavy on top, battering McGeary with ground-and-pound. Davis traps McGeary’s head with his legs and tries hard for a kimura. That allows McGeary to stand but only a few seconds remain in the frame. 10-9 Davis

Round 5
McGeary moves forward, throwing several jabs and a push kick. McGeary continues the pressure, but Davis clinches with his foe and pushes him to the fence. McGeary attempts to isolate an arm for a kimura but he can’t get it and Davis shoves him down. Davis ends up back on top with three and a half minutes remaining. Davis’ approach looks similar to the previous rounds, as he moves from mount to side control while leaving his knee on McGeary’s body to neutralize his adversary. “Mr. Wonderful” continues to control McGeary’s long limbs, lands periodic ground and pound and maintains consistent pressure from above as time ticks off the clock. McGeary looks exhausted as Davis forces him to carry his weight. Davis sits up, then jumps past McGeary’s guard with a right hand. The fight ends with Davis in mount, likely clinching a one-sided championship victory for the former UFC standout. 10-9 Davis (50-45 Davis).

The Official Result
Phil Davis def. Liam McGeary via Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-44) 5:00 R3