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OLIVEIRA vs LAMAS fight video UFC Fight Night 98

Round 1
Oliveira tries to catch Lamas in a Thai clinch, then switches to work for a takedown, but Lamas sees it coming all the way and throws the Brazilian over his hip. Lamas lands a hard elbow to the face of Oliveira from side control, but when “Charles do Bronx” shifts underneath to threaten with a leglock, Lamas has to bail from top position. The fighters scramble back to their feet, Oliveira trying to take the American’s back in the process. Lamas turns around and is taken down at the base of the fence, where Oliveira begins framing up a choke. The fighters stand; Oliveira has an anaconda choke setup but can’t finish it standing. They hit the ground again and Oliveira hits a beautiful roll to mount, but Lamas is somehow able to break up the choke from underneath. Oliveira transitions onto Lamas’ back and locks up the position with a body triangle. Lamas buries his chin and puts his hands to his ears to preemptively fight off the impending choke attempt. Oliveira tries the choke, can’t get under the chin. The next attempt looks tighter, but Lamas is saved by the bell.

Round 2
Lamas partially connects with a spinning back kick to the jaw of Oliveira, who responds with a pair of punches and a stiff leg kick. Oliveira hits a takedown and looks to wrap up Lamas’ neck for another choke, but as he does so, Lamas sweeps to top position. Oliveira still has a leg hooked and will be hunting for a submission from the bottom here. In the meantime, Lamas sets up in side control on Oliveira’s right, his left arm looped around the back of Oliveira’s head. Oliveira rolls to his knees, then drives forward to try and put Lamas on his back. Lamas snatches a guillotine and pulls guard, and after a few seconds of squeezing, Oliveira is forced to tap out.

The Official Result
Ricardo Lamas def. Charles Oliveira via Submission (Guillotine Choke) R2