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Sanchez vs Held Fight Video UFC Fight Night 98

Round 1
Sanchez lands a pair of early leg kicks before right hands from Held back up the UFC veteran toward the fence. Sanchez rushes in throwing punches and then looks to clinch, but he’s dinged by a knee as Held breaks loose. Held shoots for a double-leg on the fence, but Sanchez widens his base and stays standing, then separates with 3:15 on the clock. Sanchez bursts forward with a four-punch combo, one of which may have grazed Held’s chin. Halfway through the round, Held strikes down the center with a solid right hand that moves Sanchez back to the outside. Held tries a cartwheel kick and touches Sanchez’s face with a foot, but there’s not much behind it. Sanchez shoots for a takedown with one minute left, thwarted by Held up against the wall. Held snares Sanchez in a deep standing guillotine, but Sanchez climbs the fence and manages to break free.

Round 2
Held pops Sanchez with a jab and then drops to try a heel hook, but “The Nightmare” manages to stack up and relieve the pressure on his leg. Held grabs the leg again, but Sanchez threatens with head-and-arm control which forces Held to relent. Now it’s Sanchez on top, in Held’s open guard, with the Polish fighter still fishing for submissions from the bottom. The pace slows drastically as Sanchez concentrates on flattening out Held from half guard. Held reclaims closed guard in the final minute, but Sanchez transitions to his back just before the horn.

Round 3
Sanchez lands a left hand to the body and sprawls on a takedown attempt from Held, but the Polish fighter connects with a hard knee as the lightweights climb back to their feet. Held shoots again, gets sprawled on and stuffed underneath. Held tries and armbar, switches to an omoplata but loses it as Sanchez stands. Held pops him with an upkick, causing Sanchez to kneel on the ground again, now with 3:30 on the clock. Sanchez lands an elbow to the body as he’s warned for grabbing the fence by referee Mario Yamasaki. More elbows land for Sanchez, prompting Held to throw up another omoplata. Held switches to a toe hold, now another heel hook, but Sanchez never lets it get deep enough to be in real danger. Held keeps looking for submissions, angling for arms and a possible triangle, but Sanchez is too heavy on top and won’t allow anything to stick.

The Official Result
Diego Sanchez def. Marcin Held via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27) R3 5:00