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TONY FERGUSON vs RAFAEL DOS ANJOS fight video UFC Fight Night 98

Round 1
Referee Herb Dean is the third man in the cage for tonight’s lightweight main event, which is scheduled for five rounds. Ferguson takes the center of the cage and thuds an overhand right off dos Anjos’ high guard. Ferguson gets turned by a leg kick from dos Anjos, who follows with a hard left hand and grabs for a takedown. Ferguson fends off the single-leg attempt and puts a front kick in dos Anjos’ breadbasket. A left hand over the top snaps back Ferguson’s head. Ferguson scores with an uppercut, gets a left hand behind the ear in return as the 155ers hit the midway point of the round. Dos Anjos continues to land well-timed counter left hands when Ferguson throws leg kicks. Dos Anjos waits for the next leg kick and chops out Ferguson’s plant leg, knocking him to the floor in the center of the cage. Dos Anjos comes down on top of Ferguson, lands a punch or two but then bails when Ferguson threatens with his long guard. Dos Anjos snaps off a hard outside leg kick, takes one in return on the inside. Dos Anjos connects with a hard spinning back fist or elbow near the fence, though Ferguson closes out the round with a few solid jabs.

Round 2
Ferguson comes out strong, keeping his jab in dos Anjos’ face and marking up the ex-champ’s right eye in the opening minute of round two. Dos Anjos slows the roll of “El Cucuy” with a hard left hand of his own. Dos Anjos comes away from an exchange complaining of an eye poke; at first, referee Dean doesn’t stop the fight, but after a few seconds, the break comes. The cageside doctor clears dos Anjos to continue after only a few seconds of consultation. When action resumes, it’s dos Anjos shooting for a takedown, denied by Ferguson, who pushes the Brazilian back out toward the fence. Ferguson lands a leg kick and gets out of the way of dos Anjos’ counter right. Ferguson is staying busy here, pumping his jab in dos Anjos’ face while mixing in foot stomps and slashing elbows. Dos Anjos gets backed up to the fence but finds the mark with his right hand again, rocking Ferguson’s head. Ferguson eats another left, then puts “RDA” on rollerskates with a straight left just moments later. Dos Anjos regains his footing and tries to reclaim ground with his jab, but Ferguson continues to get the better of the exchanges down the stretch.

Round 3
Ferguson sticks a long jab, goes to the body and then backs up dos Anjos with leg kicks on both sides. Dos Anjos continues to absorb leg kicks but evades two consecutive spinning elbows from Ferguson. Dos Anjos goes upstairs with a left high kick, prompting Ferguson to explode forward with a barrage of punches. A left straight from Ferguson rocks the head of dos Anjos this time as the fighters hit the midway point of the round and the fight. Dos Anjos is starting to find the mark with his punches and low kicks down the stretch here, making Ferguson pay for his constant forward motion with straight lefts and body kicks. Ferguson attacks with a combination, can’t get to dos Anjos’ covered head but puts a good left on the Brazilian’s body. Dos Anjos times Ferguson’s low kick again and zaps him with a fast left. A spinning back fist and another straight left close out a strong round for dos Anjos.

Round 4
Ferguson absorbs a few left hands before he catches dos Anjos in the pocket and pulls down the Brazilian’s head to deliver a high knee. Ferguson somersaults toward “RDA” and grabs for his legs; dos Anjos clears his legs and then looks to keep Ferguson on the floor, but “El Cucuy” scrambles back to his feet. Ferguson whiffs on a pair of right hands as dos Anjos backs up to the fence; once they hit the wall, Ferguson catches up and digs a hard punch to the body. Ferguson stuffs a double-leg attempt and continues his forward march, hitting dos Anjos with jabs and body blows near the fence. Dos Anjos is marked up, bleeding from his nose and the corner of his right eye; the former champion seems to be fading from the fight with each passing minute.

Round 5
Ferguson walks into a hard left hand and a leg kick from dos Anjos, but the strikes don’t seem to faze “El Cucuy,” who continues to march forward, pumping his jab. Dos Anjos connects with another solid left, but again Ferguson keeps coming, this time punishing the Brazilian with body blows. Ferguson is taunting his opponent a bit now, pointing at his elbow, his hand, dancing in front of dos Anjos to try and distract him before throwing a strike. Dos Anjos is leaking a steady stream of blood from his right eye as Ferguson knocks him around with another body-head combo. Dos Anjos is still trying to mount offense in the final minute, but it’s all over now, Ferguson just mocking him in the closing seconds of the fight.

The Official Result
Tony Ferguson def. Rafael dos Anjos via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) R5 5:00