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THOMPSON vs WOODLEY fight video

I said after Wonderboy’s beatdown of Johny Hendricks that this was the next UFC welterweight champion. This happened under the assumption that Wonderboy would fight Lawler next, but then Wonderboy dispatched Rory MacDonald, and Woodley decked Lawler. Not going to back out of my statement now. No doubt that Woodley’s made enough improvements in his game to the point where him knocking Thompson out -- keeping in mind Ellenberger dropped Wonderboy just last year -- is not out of the question. I cannot see Thompson being taken down and held there, however, and Wonderboy’s striking is just on another level. His unpredictability, his angles, his power, it all looks so smooth, and I feel that we’ll see a star born tomorrow night. Woodley’s off-and-on tendency to do nothing offensively will cost him dearly.