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McGREGOR vs ALVAREZ fight video

Let’s just sit back for a second and realize that McGregor has done outrageously great business for the UFC these past two years, but he could very well end up going 1-2 in 2016. I’m not picking Alvarez, but that’s something that is worth remembering. As for the fight itself, Conor has the advantage in reach, power, and precision with his boxing. It’s up to Alvarez to solve how to undercut that, get inside, and score some takedowns. Unless Alvarez times Conor well enough to genuinely hurt him and leave him scrambling, or McGregor’s cardio becomes a legitimate concern the longer the fight drags on, Eddie is not going to win this fight under any situation where there are prolonged exchanges at range. He’s historically hittable, and while his chin is strong enough that he’s only been TKO’d once, he has never ever faced someone with Conor’s power and accuracy. McGregor also does great work to the body that is part of the reason Chad Mendes gassed. Selfishly, I’d love to see Alvarez get a few takedowns and we’ll see if Conor handles himself any differently than he did vs. Mendes, but if the opportunities don’t present themselves, then I think we’re going to see history made at Madison Square Garden.