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Round 1
Referee Mario Yamasaki is the third man in the cage for tonight's 205-pound main event. Bader opens with a kick to the lead leg of the southpaw Nogueira, who works from the center while the speedier American darts around the outside. Bader threatens to change levels, gets his head off-center to dodge a Nogueira jab but eats a left hand from the Brazilian moments later. Another left hook from Nogueira forces Bader to circle away. Nogueira gives chase, but as he does, Bader changes levels and hits a takedown at the fence. Bader works from top position with three minutes on the clock, the Brazilian crowd already hassling him for not doing enough on top. Bader scores with a few short left hands, then flattens out Nogueira to work from half guard. Nogueira rolls inside, perhaps looking for an arm, but his submission hunting gives Bader an opportunity to land some thudding right hands. Bader has Nogueira's left arm trapped between his legs, opening up the veteran to even more punishment. Nogueira gets the arm free but takes a heavy elbow on the face, then several more to the side of the head. Bader is going hard for the finish here with one minute left in the first frame; he's already busted open Nogueira, who's now bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Bader slows his attack in the final minute, finishing a dominant first round in side control.

Round 2
Bader eats a left hook from Nogueira as he pushes inside, but the wrestler is nonetheless able to grab hold of "Minotouro" and drag him to the floor at the base of the fence. Nogueira struggles to his feet, gets tossed back to the mat, stands again and gets dragged down once more. Now it's Bader in half guard on Nogueira's left side with more than three and a half minutes left in the frame. Bader drops short punches to the body and head while Nogueira tries to tie up and negate the space from underneath. Nogueira draws a deep breath after absorbing another elbow to the face, then rolls to his knees and tries to climb back to his feet. Bader tries to slip around the back and apply a rear-naked choke, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Nogueira tucks his chin and escapes. Bader moves to ride position with 90 seconds on the clock, then gift-wraps Nogueira's left arm behind his back as they roll. Nogueira quickly frees the arm but winds up on his back once again, with Bader dropping right hands from half guard. The partisan crowd doesn't care for it, but it's another decisive round in favor of Bader.

Round 3
Bader eats a left hand from Nogueira, fires back with a nice jab and a low kick before shooting for another takedown. Bader easily puts Nogueira on his back once again, this time nearer to the center of the cage. The former collegiate wrestler sits up in Nogueira's half guard and drops sporadic right hands, in between laying an arm across the throat of the ex-Pride ace. The pace of the ground-and-pound from Bader has slowed considerably as they reach the halfway point of the round and the fight, but he is nonetheless dominating Nogueira on the mat. With 90 seconds left, Bader turns up the heat, throwing heavy shots to Nogueira's body and head. Nogueira seems to have given up, simply absorbing punishment while shifting slightly on his back. Referee Yamasaki tells Nogueira to fight back, but Bader's punches are knocking his head from side to side. Yamasaki steps in to halt the contest even as a semi-conscious Nogueira continues to throw short punches in retaliation.
The Official Result
Ryan Bader def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira via TKO (Punches) R3 3:51