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Joe Warren vs Eduardo Dantas 2

TUF 24 Finale - Joe Warren vs Eduardo Dantas 2 fight video

Warren has on black trunks and blue gloves as the challenger in our main event. The champion Dantas has on red trunks and red gloves. Former two division Bellator champion Warren is 14-5 out of Monument, Colorado. Reigning two time champion Dantas is 18-4 out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Both men touch gloves during instructions and get down to business after the bell. Warren circles to the right looking for openings for his hands and feet. Dantas sticks his arms out wide and leans back, a little reminiscent of Anderson Silva. Dantas works the left jab whenever Warren gets close. A 1-2 combo stings Warren a little at 2:11 particularly the right hand. Another combo at 2:40. Warren is starting to get outworked on the feet. Another right makes him back off at 3:07. Warren finally lands a good right but gets battered in response. Dantas snaps off a leg kick and follows with a left over the top. So far it's all Dantas 10-9.

Round 2: Warren tries to rush in to open R2 hoping to change his fortunes. Dantas avoids it and lands a knee, escaping Warren's grab when he hopes to make it a takedown. Warren lands a left hook behind it. Dantas avoids the overhand right. Warren gets popped by the 1-2 at 1:35. You can see his face getting more red as the rounds wear on. Dantas is snapping off the left leg kick too to slow Warren down. Warren tries a knee to the body but it's not flush. Warren walks straight into a left jab and Dantas snaps off two leg kicks, the second which causes Warren to stagger momentarily on the feet. Warren is switching stances because of the pain. Dantas is feeling it and starting to taunt Warren again late in the round. Warren goes for a jump knee again to no avail. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 3: McCarthy stops the fight early in R3 to give Warren a warning for an eye poke. Dantas hits him with a knee and a leg kick after the restart. Warren is again rushing in but he just ends up eating jabs and hooks when he does. Warren is never able to cut an angle and keep Dantas pressed against the fence. He goes for a takedown and gets Dantas' back, who draws a warning from McCarthy not to grab the fence as Warren hits him with knees from behind. Warren gets one hook in then switches tactics and drops levels but Dantas escapes at 2:18. Warren keeps trying to bull rush but Dantas is always able to dance away when he tries. In their last fight takedowns made all the difference for Warren and his inability to get them here is costly. Warren takes a kick to the groin at 4:03 that draws a stoppage. Dantas tries to claim an eye poke a couple of times after the restart but McCarthy says no. Warren's face is battered and bloodied as R3 ends. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 4: What can Joe Warren do at this point to change his fortunes? He's in a 3-0 hole and eating increasingly accumulating damage. He tries a cartwheel kick praying it will land and it's not close. Warren nearly gets the takedown at 1:11 but it's more a product of Dantas stumbling as he avoids it -- Warren never completes it nor keeps him down for even a second. The one thing you can't take away from Warren in this fight is his heart. No matter how many jabs and kicks he takes his mental toughness won't let him quit. The right hooks are easy to avoid for Dantas though -- Warren is lunging forward trying to put everything he has into one punch, and Dantas just steps out of the way. Warren ties up looking for a takedown with 1:40 left. Warren gets the takedown at 3:53 but does nothing effective as Dantas is up two seconds later. Dantas just ducks under a wild right with short time left. Warren tries a cartwheel again. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 5: Warren runs right at Dantas at breakneck speed to open R5 but no matter how fast he is Dantas is still a split second faster. Warren's face is a mess and Dantas looks like he could go five more rounds. Warren complains about another kick to the cup and gets a timeout. Dantas gets a one point deduction. Unless Warren does something dramatic though that's just going to be a 9-9 round for Dantas instead of a 10-9 -- it changes nothing. Warren fails to get the takedown even though he pushes Dantas into the fence and goes hard to clasp his hands together. Warren is driving knees into his legs but not doing much of anything else. McCarthy gets bored and breaks them apart with 65 seconds to go. Warren talks more than he lands and Dantas does a dance before the final bell to celebrate, then the two make peace and exchange a hug.

Final result: The judges score it 47-47, 49-44 and 48-46 for the winner by majority decision Eduardo Dantas.