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Caldwell makes his way to the cage first for the main event rematch with blue gloves on. Taimanglo makes his way to the cage to "Staying Alive," chain swinging around his neck, red gloves on. Both men have black trunks. Caldwell is 9-1 with that one loss coming to his opponent tonight, while Taimanglo is 23-6-1 in his career. Caldwell fights out of San Diego, California by way of Rahway, New Jersey. Taimanglo fights out San Diego, California by way of Yona, Guam. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Taimanglo goes for a guillotine again when Caldwell shoots in early but Caldwell moves to side control and is out of danger. He tries to step over to full mount but Taimanglo traps his right leg. Caldwell is landing some nasty left hands when he can break through Taimanglo's defense. His corner is calling for elbows too. Beltran gives a warning for shots to the back of the head with two minutes left. Caldwell's corner is calling out the time left for him as he continues to pummel Taimanglo on top. Caldwell tries to pass again at 4:12 but Taimanglo keeps that leg trapped. Caldwell ends up back in full guard for his effort but he stacks Taimanglo up from there then backs up to avoid the upkicks before the round ends. 10-9 Caldwell.

Round 2: Caldwell gets another takedown 39 seconds into R2 and once again his head is in position for a guillotine but once again he pulls his way out of danger and takes over in side control. Champion Eduardo Dantas looks on from the crowd as Caldwell is warned to improve his position by Beltran at 2:35. Taimanglo goes for an armbar but can't hold onto it. Taimanglo looks for a triangle and can't get it. Beltran stands them up with a minute to go. Taimanglo goes for a takedown, then sprawls to block one in response, then Taimanglo goes for a Peruvian necktie and can't get it. Taimanglo is on the bottom at the end of a 10-9 round for Caldwell, but one in which Caldwell took a lot of unnecessary risks and nearly got caught several times.

Round 3: Caldwell gets the takedown again 10 seconds into R3 but Taimanglo escapes to his feet at 33 seconds and then goes for a takedown of his own. Taimanglo gets the back with one hook in and Caldwell is able to turn on top at 1:22. Taimanglo is unable to stop Caldwell from flattening him out and matriculating damage on top. Beltran leans in close at 3:50 trying to decide whether or not to stand it up. Taimanglo rolls and gets his back to the fence in an attempt to escape, he gets back up at 4:18 and then gets an outside leg trip. He takes Caldwell's back with 25 seconds left but once again Caldwell is able to turn on top. They stand up just before the final bell.

Final result: The judges all score it 30-27 for Darrion Caldwell by unanimous decision.