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Round 1: Elliott comes out aggressively and tags Johnson with a couple of punches, then gets taken down. Elliott does some clapboxing and now Johnson looks to be transitioning to an armbar but Elliott is strong and gets on top. A few ground strikes for Elliott and now he has a guillotine choke. It looks tight but he doesn’t have it. D’arce choke by Elliott! Whoa! Is there anything there? DJ gives the thumbs-up signal. Looks like it’s crisis averted. DJ is back to his feet and he head kicks Elliott then they exchange strikes. There’s now a scramble on the mat and DJ has a front headlock. Johnson still has the headlock on the way up and then gets popped with two punches. Elliott throwing everything he’s got. Tim ripping shots to the body. Left hand by Elliott may have dropped Johnson! If it wasn’t that then Johnson tried to go for a takedown at the same time he got it. Now Elliott with a takedown with 40 seconds left in the opening frame. He’s in half-guard. Ten seconds left and Elliott pushes his elbow down on Mighty Mouse. 10-9 Elliott

Round 2: Elliott with a sloppy left hand. Mighty Mouse with a big right hand. Body kick by the champ. Elliott with combinations but he gets taken down after DJ changes levels. Elliott has DJ’s neck for a moment but his head has popped out and he’s spun to the back. Johnson is trying to go for a rear-naked choke but Elliott defends. Johnson is still on top and mini-slamming Elliott. Side control now for the champion. Kimura attempt by DJ but Elliott gets to half-guard. Now Johnson is in side control again. He’s trying for the mounted crucifix and raining down punches. He loses the position but is still active and going for the left arm. Elliott with the thumbs-down signal. DJ uses the headlock to try and spin to the back. Elliott blocks that and Johnson is in Elliott’s guard. They’re on their feet. Elliott back-elbowing Johnson. Elliott is on top in the closing seconds after Johnson got him to the ground. The round ends. 10-9 Johnson and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Hard leg kick by Mighty Mouse. Elliott still giving it all he’s got but not nearly at the pace he set in round 1. Mighty Mouse has Elliott’s back in a scramble. He’s going for a choke but Elliott escapes and Elliott has taken Johnson down. Sweep-a-palooza here by both men. Elliott swinging caveman strikes like a maniac. Now Johnson has Elliott on his back. Short right hands as Elliott has his right arm around Demetrious’ neck, purely for control. Johnson with more short punches. He gets to side control but Elliott counters by getting back into half-guard. Triangle attempt by Elliott that Johnson has to defend. Elliott with the palm strikes to the ears. These guys are talking to each other in the middle of the fight. DJ in side control. Elliott is making him work for everything. It’s still a Mighty Mouse rond. 10-9 DJ and 29-28 Johnson overall

Round 4: Johnson with a leg kick. And another one. Elliott with a left hand and he’s doing some karate stuff out there. Karate time is over because Johnson has taken him down easily here. It’s side control time again for the champion. Elliott in danger of giving up his back. He has given it up. Tim trying to stand up but Johnson drags him back down. He’s going for the rear-naked choke. Elliott will survive but he’s getting beaten up from side control and now taking shots from mounted crucifix, now back to side control after Tim gets his left arm free. Clap-boxing DJ’s ears isn’t the answer. Johnson is just a constant flow of offense and guard-passing. Johnson attacks with a straight armbar, now a kimura from side control. He’s transitioned to an armbar but Elliott excellently defends it. Spinning back kick by Elliott and then some cartwheel thing. What heart from Elliott, but he’s been outclassed. 10-9 DJ and 39-36 Johnson overall

Round 5: Body kick by Mighty Mouse. Elliott in a stance that’s almost Wonderboy-like. Great shot by Elliott and he takes Johnson down. Johnson scrambles and he may wind up on top. He does. Back into side control he goes, as was the theme in round 4. Herb Dean tells DJ to work from side control. I’ve no words for that. He’s now in Elliott’s closed guard and elbows the challenger, right after Herb Dean threatens to stand them up. Half-guard for Johnson. Victory seems imminent for the champion now. He’s isolating the left arm and elbowing Elliott at the same time. Now he lets go of the arm. They scramble and Elliott kimura sweeps DJ. Oh and Johnson nearly turned that into an armbar attempt of his own. He just missed it. Elliott is smiling, on his back with 30 seconds to go. He won’t get the win, but he will gain plenty of fans. Final seconds tick away and Johnson attacks Elliott’s left arm again, but the horn sounds. 10-9 DJ and 49-46 Johnson overall. That was a fun fight.

Official result: Demetrious Johnson def. Tim Elliott by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-45) to remain UFC flyweight champion