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Round 1: Pettis refuses to touch gloves. Interesting.

Pettis immediately goes for a jumping switch kick. Both men looking for low kicks early, neither with much conviction. They trade low kicks. More low kicks from Pettis. One minute in. Fancy little three-piece by the former champ. Holloway yet to land anything significant. Rights to the body from "Blessed." Two minutes in. Spinning back kick from Pettis after eating another right downstairs. Quick tie-up. Side kick from Pettis. Two minutes to go.

They exchange right hands. Right from Holloway, head kick attempt from Pettis. Holloway goes low-high. Counter right. Solid right by Pettis. One minute to go. Holloway leg kick and a powerful left hook. Pettis advancing. 1-2 from Holloway. Lead right lands for Pettis, right hand comes back. Anotehr counter right by Holloway and a 1-2. Pettis shoots, denied. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2: Holloway lands an early jab. Low leg kick and right hand from Holloway. Right hand drops Pettis; not a hard knockdown and Holloway lets him up. Pettis tries a high kick, moving forward. Holloway countering. One minute in. Holloway lands a knee inside. Low kick by Pettis, who tries a cartwheel kick. Holloway waves him up. Hard combination from Holloway, low-high. Two minutes in. Holloway moving very well, lands a 2-3 on the counter. Holloway rips tho the body and sprawls on a takedown attempt. Two minutes to go.

Holloway lands to the body inside. Body kick from Pettis. Again. Holloway with a right hand through the guard. Pettis ties up and puts him on the fence. One minute to go. Good knee from Holloway. Pettis changes levels, defended well. Another knee form Holloway and one to the head. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 3: Pettis's right hand is broken. Not good.

Holloway coming out more aggressively. Teep by Pettis. 1-2 lands for Holloway. They trade left hooks. Pettis with a glancing head kick, eats a hard right hand and a knee to the nards. They continue and Pettis lands a body kick. One minute in. Holloway looking more active. Pettis ties up and Holloway puts him on the fence. Knee and elbow before they break. Right hand lands for Holloway. Nice cut kick by Holloway, who lets Pettis back up. Two minutes in. 1-2-1 from Holloway and a knee to the body. Pettis takes Holloway to the fence. Short elbows land for Holloway as he defends. They separate. Good combiantion inside by the former lightweight champ. Two minutes to go.

They trade body blows. Rights from Holloway, jabs from Pettis. Body kick lands for Holloway, right hand and left hook afterwards. Good hook downstairs. One minute to go. Another cut kick by Holloway and he follows him down into side control. Pettis looks to regain guard and Holloway lets him up before landing a spinning back kick and a 2-1. Left hook and body kick. Another body kick and Pettis is covering up. Holloway uncorks a vicious series of body shots, mixing it up high and low, and the ref steps in as Pettis slowly crumbles.

Final result: Holloway def. Pettis by TKO (punches)