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Although this practice has been criticized heavily by fans and media alike, Bellator marches on with tape delays, this time postponing the broadcast of Sonnen/Ortiz about 1095 days. So for those of you who don’t get Spike, you can catch the main event on History channel too. Now that we’re finished with the disparagements, let’s get to the business part: As Scott Coker said, should Ortiz or Sonnen be fighting 21-year-old killers from Brazil? Probably not. Look at what happened not so long ago in the same Forum with the great Bernard Hopkins. Look at what just happened with BJ Penn. At a certain point, you step into the arena a dangerous man, you step down looking like an old man. But should Ortiz and Sonnen be fighting each other? Sure, in an end of the year show in Japan. But still, I’ll watch for certain. Maybe it’s just me being old myself, but Ortiz and Sonnen still carry more personality, uniqueness and recognition than any of your average 25 year old UFC cloned athletic machines. In a world full of solid all-around look the same feel prospects, I miss me some old-school ass-whoopers with voids in their game. But call it an exhibition or something – win or lose, these two guys aren’t climbing or chuting anywhere afterwards. I’ll watch, gleefully yet wistfully, and condescendingly, and wonder exactly why later.

Now, of the two, Ortiz has actually been the more active lately. He looked fine against heavily favored Liam McGeary in September 2015, and won the first round until he didn’t. Sonnen is a very different challenge than McGeary though, and Ortiz isn’t getting a double on him. Or maybe he does, who knows in what shape 39 years old Sonnen is – more than 3 years removed from his last outing. Probably better than Ortiz, right? I can say this: Knees deteriorate first. Both Sonnen’s and Ortiz’s double legs are definitely not what they have been in their glory days; but Sonnen has that Greco upper body strength going for him. And also, his skull isn’t fractured. He’s also the more modern, and all-around better fighter, probably. Alright, let’s party like it’s 1999.