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Bellator 161: CHEICK KONGO vs TONY JOHNSON full fight video
Round 1
After pawing with a few jabs, Kongo gets inside and ties Johnson up. He presses him into the fence with double underhooks. Johnson reverses position is looking for a takedown. Kongo is able to keep his balance but inadvertently drills Johnson in the groin with a left knee. John McCarthy steps in and warns the Frenchman and after a few moments, the fight continues. The heavyweights paw with jabs before Johnson swings and misses with a wild, loopy overhand right. From there, Kongo is tied up against the cage. The clinching continues for about two minutes as McCarthy barks at the men to work. Finally, “Big John splits them up and resets them. Johnson clips Kongo with an overhand right and then shoots in, but he can’t take the taller man off his feet. Again, they clinch against the cage. With about 30 seconds left, Kongo scores a takedown and winds up in mount. He dishes out a series of punches, but Johnson covers up and rides out the clock. 10-9 Kongo

Round 2
Johnson quickly scores a takedown and pounds on Kongo. Johnson is using all of his weight from on top and is wearing Kongo down. Kongo tries to escape but Johnson is all over and eventually takes his back. Johnson gets both of his hooks in and fishes for the rear-naked choke. He doesn’t have it as he sits against the cage. From there, Tony softens the Frenchman with meager punches from behind while he continues to search for the choke. Kongo is fending his attacks off rather easily but he’s not improving his position. The crowd has been booing the lack of action for a while, but Johnson is working from behind. Johnson finally has enough and turns Kongo over and lands in full mount. Kongo is holding him as tightly as he can to ride out the clock and he does. It’s all Johnson. 10-9 Johnson

Round 3
Almost as soon as the round begins, they tie each other up. Kongo presses his foe into the cage and then looks for a double, but Johnson stuffs him. Finally, Kongo lands the takedown and winds up in half guard. Kongo doles out a few elbows from on top but Johnson is covering up nicely. McCarthy yells at the heavyweights to work behind a curtain of boos from the crowd. Johnson is trying to wall walk his way back to his feet, but Kongo’s pressure is superb. With under two minutes left, McCarthy continues to yell at them to work, to improve position. Johnson is nearly back on his feet but Kongo won’t allow him to escape and brings him back down. Kongo hovers over his opponent until the bell, all the while landing a few elbows to the body and head. 10-9 Kongo

The Result
Cheick Kongo def. Tony Johnson via Majority Decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28) R3, 5:00